About Izzy

Izzy is Louise dog. She wanted to have a whippet when she was 5 years old but she had to wait until she was 10 years when he came to us. He loves to sleep in Louise bed.

Izzy is imported from Kennel  DiMahana in Belgium (Dominiqe Delabelle). We met them in Donaueschingen Germany in 2009.

Izzy likes to do Lurecoursing but he is not so good because he loves the running more than the chasing part.
He forgets sometimes that he shall chase the Lure and instead runs around which does not give him many points.

Louise has trained him to do some tricks e.g high five.

Incredible Di Mahana


Izzy April 2019
Izzy April 2019
"Izzy" 2013
"Izzy" and Louise 2012

 BE&LU CH DE&VDH CH DK UCH NL CH Goldrush di Mahana X HoneyHoney di Mahana


Pedigree for Incredible Di Mahana