About Jalle

Jalle is doing Lurecoursing and he is a very friendly and happy whippet.
He loves to sleep in Louise bed.

He is the father of 2 nice litters at Kennel Tappinski's (Anna Tapper Sweden).

He has not been to many dog shows.

He loves to run free in our forrest but he sometimes runs away for a while which makes us worried.  

June 30 2015
Today we had to put Jalle to sleep. He had a lot of pain is his front legs which he had injured Spring 2014 / Autumn 2013 doing Lurecoursing. We are very sorry because he was such a lovely boy. 

Jalisco di Mahana


Jalle 2015
Jalle 2015
"Jalle" 2011 (Photo: Maidie Rosen)
"Jalle" 2011
"Jalle" 2013

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