About Alice

Alice was like all young deerhounds quite crazy and loved to play. Now she is older but is still active and love our longer walks where she can run free in the forest. 
She is also a very sweet deerhound bitch. 

We are proud of her since she was the winner of the Sighthound Group at the International Show in Erfurt Germany in June 2013. This was at the age of 2 years only.

She has also been doing Lurecoursing and competed in European Championship in Germany in 2013. She has two CAC in lure coursing in Sweden and one in Norway. 

In August 2014 she was German Winner at the INT Show in Leipzig and was awarded German Champion Title DE and VDH.
In January 2015 she was awarded the title Finnish Champion. After 2016 she has not been in the Show rings. 

CIB VDH DE SE DK FI CH German Winner -14, LS Hessen-Thuringen -13, LS Baden-Kurpfalz -14

Grayrory's Fabulous


Alice June 2019
Alice June 2019
Alice June 2014
"Alice" 2013
"Alice" 2013

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