About Lisa

Lisa, who was the only one surviving in this litter (one died), was like her mother Applecross very keen on Lurecoursing.

She started her career in Lurecoursing by winning the first 10 races she competed in (2010-2011).
She competed in European Championship 2010,2012 and 2013 (in 2011 she came in season the day before the EC in Netherlands).
In 2012 she was ill in borrelia so she could not run well. She recovered well that winter and had puppies (our G-Litter) in December 2013.

She was a true character with a lot of special ideas and she loved to play in our garden. 
She was our "shepherd" dog since she always controlled where everyone was when we were out on walks. Lisa had a very sweet character

In 2013 at the German Deerhound Speciality she won the Working Class and also won the price for Best Head and Expression (more than 60 Deerhounds was present)

She was also succesful as a Veteran. At the large Donaueschingen Sighthound Show in Germany she was Veteran Winner in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The last time when she was 10 years old.
Lisa was active and fit until the last days before she died on July 31 2019 at an age of 11 years 2 months. 

SE CH VDH CH NO LCCH SE LCCH VW Donaueschingen - 16,17,18

Grayrory's Exclusive


"Lisa" 2013
"Lisa" 2013
"Lisa" 2012

DE CH Aogh Caoinlan X SE DK FI NO UCH FI UCH NO SE NO LCCH Grayrory's Applecross


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